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Corporate Video Dubai 

Media Partners Middle East FZ LLC is a premier media services company that specializes in creating High Definition video contents for businesses and organizations across the UAE and around the Middle East. We offer a complete range of Corporate Video Production services by virtue of a unique amalgamation of cutting edge technology and years of expertise, starting from concept development to professional storyboard, scriptwriting, filming, 2D/3D animation and video editing. The wealth of experience, creative classiness and technical proficiency of our team will ensure that your message stands out from the rest. No matter what your budget or deadline is, we can put you on the map with our custom-made video solutions.

 Corporate Video Dubai 

Corporate Video DubaiCorporate Videos

Media Partners Middle East is a corporate video production company based in Dubai that specializes in creating High Definition video contents for businesses and organizations across the MENA region.

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icomp-02 35x35Event Videos

We cover Corporate Events, Press conferences and edit it interestingly for the future purposes. Media Partners have a impressive cliental of Events, PR and Communication agencies relying on our services

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Documentaries and Biographical videos are effectively used to show case a company’s growth. Our documentaries will educate, inspire and entertain your target audience and facilitate them to know your organization better.

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icomp-03 35x35Training Videos

We produce Occupational Health, Safety and Training videos for workplaces. Run an effective training course with our custom-made videos which are a perfect training tool for induction meetings and training sessions.Read More


Corporate Videos 2D 3D Animation

We make your ideas come alive and bring magic to your marketing. Be it a 2D animation or architectural 3D walkthrough we undertake all sorts of projects. We use the latest software and hardware and experienced animation artists around the world to create compelling animation features.

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icomp-02 35x35 Shooting

We shoot videos with state of the art HD Video Camera and multi talented crew. Be it a single camera shoot or require multi-camera set up, we take all sorts of projects and very well execute it. Our exceptional videography service is our greatest strength of success.
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ico-03 Video Editing

HD/SD editing is our major strength. If you have already shot and want to interestingly put together all you footage and tell the story and do motion graphics our state of the art in-house editing system and multi talented and experienced Editor/Animator will give you exceptional service.
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icomp-03 35x35 USB / DVD

We provide master files on USB/DVD duplicated to any number for internal and external circulation. We can brand the USB or DVD with the your logo and Artwork. Corporate Video Dubai 
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Our production process consists of three stages – Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production

    • CREATIVE PLANNING – At this initial phase of the project, we sit down with our clients to identify the message, desired goals and the creative look and feel. We see this as a collective process and appreciate the client‚Äôs vision and creative input.
    • STORY DEVELOPMENT – Our talented scriptwriters have penned everything from CEO messages and full training programs to sleek marketing material. They will research your company, interview your people, learn your culture and speak your lingo to ensure that your message is on target and brand right.
    • CREW HIRING/SCHEDULING/PREPARATION – The time spent preparing for a shoot is often measured in days and weeks rather than hours and minutes. Our producers are well-organized, experienced professionals who will assign the right people with the right talent relevant to your project that will assure that everything will run smoothly, on time and on budget.
    • CASTING – Not just anyone can represent your company and not everyone has the proper acting skills. Our staff will work with the most prominent agencies and schedule casting calls with the most talented actors to find just the right person.
    • ON-SITE DIRECTOR – Years of on-location experience and a very specific, creative eye make for a talented director. Our director and his team have tackled hundreds of videos in a wide array of subject matter. In addition to making sure every shot is artistically framed, the lighting properly compliments the subject, audio is crisp, the talent is comfortable, and the production team fully understands their assignments, it is the role of the director to make sure everything runs smoothly and most importantly ‚ our client feels confident that they are getting the product they expect.
    • HIGH-DEFINITION CAMERA PACKAGES – Different projects require different cameras.¬† We shoot on a multitude of cameras from SD quality to HD cameras like the HVX200, Canon 5D, 7D and even the RED.
    • PROFESSIONAL AUDIO AND LIGHTING EQUIPMENT – Audio and lighting are the biggest factors that separate an amateur-looking production from a professional one. Lighting sets the mood and paints the picture. It is also something that takes time to get right. For each location, we will arrive on-site approximately two hours prior to our call time to ensure that the space is artfully lit, audio sounds clean and everything is ready to go when our subjects arrive.
    • VETERAN CAMERA OPERATORS AND PRODUCTION CREWS– Different projects require different cameras. We shoot on a multitude of cameras from SD quality to HD cameras like the HVX200, Canon 5D, 7D and even the RED.
    • TELEPROMPTER (Autoque) SERVICES – Often executives feel anxiety when having to deliver a message straight to camera.Through our experience, we find that the use of a teleprompter provides the comfort needed to deliver an impactful message. Therefore, we have various prompters available for different situations (i.e. straight to camera, speeches from a podium and even mobile prompters for walking and taking.
    • HAIR/MAKEUP ARTIST – Everyone wants to be a movie star or at least look like one.To ensure that everyone looks and feels their best, we work with professional hair and make-up artists who specialize in film, video and television.
      • DIGITAL VIDEO EDITING – Editing is where the vision comes to life and it is the longest and most meticulous part of the process. Every frame of video is scrutinized and every second of audio is analyzed. Our creative editors work quickly while maintaining attention to detail. Because of our experience, we know how to artistically blend footage, music and graphics to create a product that will make us all proud.
      • AUDIO SWEETENING – Nobody ever notices when something sounds good. However, they do notice when something sounds bad. Audio is an essential ingredient when it comes to a professional video. Therefore, we pay close attention to audio quality, and through post-production sweetening, we can remove ancillary noise and accentuate clarity.
      • CUSTOM GRAPHIC AND ANIMATIONS – High-end graphics are the dressing on the cake. Custom graphics and animations add a sleek, stylized touch, put a spotlight on your brand and highlight key messaging. Our creative graphic designers are true artists who understand today‚ savvy viewer and add the knockout punch to your product.
      • EXTENSIVE MUSIC LIBRARY – Music is the heartbeat of every production. Music sets the mood, dictates the pace and creates emotion. Therefore, the proper track is an important ingredient to enhance your message. Our library contains thousands of selections that cover genres and styles from light orchestral pieces to jazz style quartets to drum pounding techno and guitar shredding rock and roll.
      • VOICE OVERS ARTISTS / TALENTS – Not everyone can tell your story. We provides multi-lingual voice over services to narrate the story in appealing way. We provide voice over samples to our clients to choose. We have got bank of talents across the world. (English, Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hindi etc.)
      • DUPLICATIONS – DVD, CD, Betacam, Digibeta,VHS – While most of our clients ask us to provide the final video in various high-resolution, web-ready files, sometimes physical copies are still needed. As such, Corporate Video Concepts still offers full duplication services for DVD and VHS ‚Äì at any quantity, complete with custom packaging. We can deliver the final video in NTSC, PAL and SECAM formats.
      • TRANSLATION SERVICES – This is an international market and not everyone speaks English. Corporate Video Concepts offers full translation, subtitling and dubbing services for our global clients. Thus far we‚ worked on projects in over 6 languages including various dialects of English, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and French.


More about us?

to reach out to the whole of MENA region with an aim to provide excellent video services. Our vision is to setup branches through out the MENA region by 2020.
to provide high quality and cost effective video production services to all the industries with in the Public and Private sector.
to be a reliable media partner for all our valued clients.
as your companies in-house video department 24/7 or as an extension to your marketing / media and communication department by offering exceptional corporate video services.

Corporate Video Dubai