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Your company’s success relies heavily on its corporate narrative. By captivating the attention of consumers and prospects, it helps you generate leads, recruit top talent, create your reputation, and expand your reach.

We will help you communicate your company’s story in a way that engages stakeholders and delights customers.  Please see our corporate video portfolio for samples of our work. Contact us via email at or by Phone / Whatsapp at +971 55 6122381 if you’re ready to get started.

When you engage with us, you’re working with a renowned corporate video production company with decades of experience and plenty of enthusiasm. Organizations of all sizes rely on us to create metrics-driven video strategy and produce excellent video content. View our video portfolio to see what we’ve been up to or read our testimonials to get a sense of the level of service, flexibility, and creativity you can anticipate from us. 


We are a top-ranked video production company in the UAE, specializing in project video production. You can trust on our team of producers, directors, editors, and scriptwriters to make the case study video production process simple and fun for you and your valued customer, while also ensuring that every detail is addressed. You’ll get a video project video that’s gorgeous, captivating, and technically faultless, showcasing your firm at its best.

You’ve done an outstanding job. You’ve really wowed your client. Now you want to record that tale in a professional and beautiful video case study so you can generate more leads. If you want to do it well, you’ll need to work with a case study video production firm that will treat your customer like family and deliver a finished product that they’ll be proud of and you’ll be thrilled to show off to prospects.

Our case study video production team has worked with a variety of companies, If you have any client success stories you’d like to share with your leads,


Every project has its own set of difficulties, and it’s easy to overlook them. Project videos are memorable if they are authentic: talk about the problems you had encountered and how you overcame them. This isn’t a flashy marketing video; the story must connect with the audience. 

A project video is all about conveying relatable stories from the perspective of your customers. Focus on the human element of how you assisted your customer rather than going into depth about your organization, products, or services (all of this information is readily available on your website).


If you’re making a B2B video, consider not only how you’ve helped your client, but also how you’ve influenced their consumers. This demonstrates the broader advantages of cooperating with your organization and will rapidly pique prospects’ interest (they care about their own consumers!).


While having a customer sing your praises is excellent, your film will be far more compelling if you can back up this qualitative recommendation with quantitative data. This information can be effectively weaved into the story using animation and motion graphics in project video creation.


A typical project video will feature project managers, key officials and customer interviews, as well as supporting footage, cutaways, and music. However, we urge our clients to think outside the box and include animated graphs, motion graphics, vox pops, and a variety of other unexpected components in project videos.


Yes, a project video can be made on a cheap budget. However, quality and effectiveness of the video is crucial. Your business is reflected in both the finished video and the full project video production process. Take advantage of the opportunity to build something high-end while also giving your customers a premium experience.


Your sales staff will be the ones that use your project video to bring prospects through the sales funnel in the end. As a result, we advice include them in the pre-production phase. They may not be familiar with the specifics of this project, but they will be the experts on the communications that prospects require.


We’re all about video metrics and incorporating CTAs into your marketing content. Consider whether you can make your project video interactive when using it in the “conversion” stage of your sales funnel — your project video is about influencing prospects who are considering your firm, but it can also produce direct leads.

Our clients rely on us to provide:


We produce high-quality video while staying within our clients’ budgetary constraints. Our aim is to surpass your expectations in terms of investment return. Looking for a corporate video for your company Dubai UAE? Call us now


We recognize that not everyone feels at ease in front of the camera. Even if it’s their first time in front of the camera, our team of professional knows how to make your talent look and sound natural as a pro.


We offer a variety of videos styles, including talking head, HR, animation, product training, case studies, and more. Simply tell us what you require, and we will most likely have already completed similar video to show it.

Looking for a corporate video for your company Dubai UAE

Our specialized Effective Corporate video production services provide you with a full team of professional to achieve your desired results once your video marketing plan is in place

  • Pre-production
  • Research and Script writing
  • Logistical and Talent Prep
  • Location and Scouting
  • Production
  • Videography & Photography
  • Lighting, Sound 
  • B-roll: planning, staging and directing
  • Post-Production
  • Editing
  • After Effects / Motion Graphics
  • Audio recording & Voiceover
  • Stock footage selection
  • Mixing & Mastering in Desired format
  • Delivery

Achieving goals with the power of a well-crafted video communication project

Media Partners Middle East FZ LLC is a premier Video production company that specializes in creating High Quality  video contents for businesses and organizations across the UAE and around the Middle East. We offer a complete range of Corporate Video Production services by virtue of a unique amalgamation of cutting edge technology and years of expertise, starting from concept development to professional storyboard, scriptwriting, filming, 2D/3D animation and video editing. The wealth of experience, creative classiness and technical proficiency of our team will ensure that your message stands out from the rest. No matter what your budget or deadline is, we can put you on top with our custom-made video solutions.  We are professional Video Production Dubai company.

Achieving goals with the power of a well-crafted video communication project

  • Create brand awareness for your business.
  • Impress and make personal ties.
  • Encourage customers to begin and complete the purchasing process.
  • Boost the search engine rankings by attracting new customers 
  • Boost the search engine rankings by attracting new customers 
  • Produce high-quality leads

Looking for a corporate video for your company Dubai UAE

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